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About us

The Limited Liability Company “BMK Planeta-Most” was founded in 2004 to perform construction, repair, erection and finishing work, which accompany erection of buildings and constructions of the industrial, hydro technical, transport and hydro economic purpose, as well as to perform mining and tunnel works, construction of metropolitan railways, bridges and other complicated engineering projects.

Director – Tsyganok Oleksander Mykolayovych
Senior EngineerBorosenez Vladimir Fedorovich.

Today the company staff includes 1150 members. Our specialists have experience of work in the territory of the Commonwealth of the Independent States in construction of big objects, among which are the highway Moscow–Minsk, the overpass on the Koltushev motor road with the complete complex of artificial constructions, bridges over the Volga, Oka, Buzan, the Moskva River.

The Limited Liability Company “BMK Planeta-Most” has successfully used the experience of work in difficult geological conditions, performing the anti-landslide works in the Crimea (the highway Simferopol–Yalta–Sevastopol) and the Carpathian Mountains.

Today the company’s greatest construction object is the railway-motorway bridge across the Dnepr in Kiev (in the railway sector Kiev-Moskovskiy–Darnitsa. The bridge spans carry a load of six traffic lanes and two railway tracks; thoroughfare dimensions meet the world standards. For the first time in Ukraine the motor approaches to the object are built on the trestles of the serpentine and tracking type. Constructions of arch barrels have no analogues around the world. By applying new construction forms of the spans and slant legs, non-standard equipment, improved ways of erection as well as other technological innovations the bridge is truly unique in the territory of the CIS.

Achievement of high quality demanded running abilities of the constructions and building time shortening have become possible due to usage of the building machinery and equipment of new generation including drilling ones. The company’s technique is presented with the efficient equipment, designated to carry out various kinds of works: both by sea and land. The vehicle park is constantly replenished with the newest machinery of the world-known producers.

On the level of the world standards the best acknowledgement of the Limited Liability Company “BMK Planeta-Most” quality of work has become the implementation and certification (Certificate No 75 100 60106) by TUV Rheinland interCert the quality management system based on the Standard ISO 9001:2008.

Functions of the system such as administration coordination, planning and quality maintenance extend to the main kinds of the enterprise activity: economic, building-erecting works, construction of bridges, tunnels, overpasses, hydro technical buildings and infrastructure objects, acting as a contractor. This fact guarantees conformance to all the requirements of customers, reliability and longevity of the implemented projects.

A component part of the quality management system is ensuring labor protection at the enterprise. Here in the “BMK Planeta-Most” Company we closely see to the compliance of work conditions and safety norms, on all requirements satisfaction, concerning ecologic, hygiene and sanitary, fire-prevention and other norms and regulations. This ensures not only the employees’ trust and loyalty, but also timely and quality fulfillment of the treaty commitments to the customers. Working conditions and security system improvement is one of the basic principles of the company’s direction, which constantly shows concern about a work collective.

According to the results of 2005, the Limited Liability Company "BMK Planeta-Most" was acknowledged as the winner of the NATIONAL BUSINESS RATING in the nomination "BRANCH LEADER".



Prychalna St. 1,
Kiev, 02081, Ukraine.

+38 (044) 495 03 40

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