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  • To assure the enterprise's leading position in the sphere of artificial constructions building, including bridge building.
  • To produce high image of the company and its products at the expense of innovative technologies implementation, ensuring quality of products and industrial safety at all the stages of the engineering process.
  • To increase the volume of works by means of creating special-purpose areas to perform specific tasks.
  • To use progressive techniques and technological decisions, competent management and up-to-date strategic approach in order to achieve the most dynamic development of the enterprise.
  • To improve the quality management system and provide participation of each department employees in its development.
  • To replenish the construction site engines and machinery park with the hig-grade equipment and technique.
  • To ensure timely quality fulfillment of the treaty commitments to the customer, suggesting the most favorable cooperation terms.
  • To improve environmental safety of the enterprise, using special technique and equipment protection systems, to ensure environmental control.
  • To maintain the staff’s high qualification level by means of raising of the level of employees’ skills, engaging new specialists.
  • To take active part in building machinery and newest technologies exhibitions both in Ukraine and abroad, regularly inform the employees about innovations in the building sphere.
  • To show constant concern about social security system, working conditions improvement, to raise the enterprise employees’ well-being.


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Kiev, 02081, Ukraine.

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